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The Kick’n Country Girls will be celebrating their 8th Birthday in October of 2019.  The women have all been carefully selected based on their dedication and passion for performing and putting smiles on people’s faces.  It is truly an amazing opportunity for each of the women on the team to dance, perform and reach for a dream while inspiring others to do the same everywhere they go.

In 2012 our dreams came true.  We raised all of our own money and competed all over the United States throughout the year, which earned us a spot at the UCWDC World’s Competition in Nashville, TN.  We came home from Nashville in January 2013 very proud of four titles we earned while we were there and very excited to have been part of it.

We have been having fun filled busy years as we have watched our team grow into an amazing & dedicated group of women.  Our main priority in upcoming years is to continue to have a huge pressence in our community by teaching, dancing and performing several times each month at convalescent homes, fundraisers, county fairs, nightclubs, parades & private parties.  We are so please to be choreographing dances at the request of several local country artists.


We want to share our excitement and passion for country line dancing with everyone. We hope to be an inspirational and happy presence in our community and make Sonoma County proud.